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When you're a Startup, paying lawyer's fees is probably the last thing you want to do. Still, you have to comply with EU privacy regulations. is here to help. We offer a legal and administrative package that covers the basic requirements of GPDR. All legal documents are checked by specialized law firm Cordemeyer & Slager, Lawyers for IT.

€795.00 – Package includes personal consultation

Legal services provided by:

Cordemeyer & Slager Lawyers for IT

How does this work?

We use our online assessment tool to create an inventory of how you process personal data. One of our experienced GDPR consultants reviews the results, and interviews you for further details and to discuss any issues that weren’t tackled in the assessment.

We analyze the information from the intake, and within a week provide you with your Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, Processing Registry, and Privacy Improvement Plan outlining risks and recommended measures.

All these documents are tailored to your specific operation. The Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement are reviewed by our lawyers before sending them to you.

Cover the basic requirements of GPDR.
Easy and Affordable, Legally Sound.


EU privacy authorities do not demand full regulatory maturity right from the start. They want you to show responsibility and accountability when processing personal data, and the intention to uphold and improve the privacy of the people concerned.

We offer the perfect package for startups and small enterprises who want to comply with GDPR now, and grow to regulatory maturity as they build out operations.

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